Meet the Waste Away Team...


Seth Ellington, President/CEO

Seth Ellington serves as the President and CEO of Waste Away Systems and WAS Portables (DBA Affordable Portables). Seth graduated from Newark High School and then went on to attend Ohio University in Athens, Ohio where he graduated with honors. After graduating, Seth went on to work for a local garbage company where he trained under the direct supervision of several tenured professionals in the waste industry. After a merger took place in 2011, Seth decided to restart his grandfather’s business by bringing Waste Away Systems back to life. Since firing Waste Away Systems back up, Seth has maintained calculated growth to ensure a long lasting and financially stable operation. Since the beginning, the success of the company has been and will continue to be solely based on the customer service that is given to every client, large and small. 



Rick Masterson, Vice President

Rick Masterson serves as Vice President of Waste Away Systems. Rick joined the company in April of 2012 and has extensive experience in the waste and recycling industry. Prior to joining Waste Away Systems, Rick served in the United States Military where he served a tour of duty in Iraq. Rick spearheads our Military Give Back program and is directly responsible for the operations of the company. 



Rick Campbell, Sales Manager

Rick ‘Cupcake’ Campbell serves as Waste Away Systems sales manager. Rick has over 30 years in the solid waste and recycling industry. Almost every commercial and industrial account in Licking County has involved Rick in some way, shape, or form over the years. Rick has extensive experience in industrial compactors, commercial containers, and portable restrooms, which is where he got his start. Rick specializes in making site visits often to ensure our clients waste stream needs are constantly being met so its one less thing they have to worry about. Rick takes customer service to the next level by ensuring everyone is treated like the only customer. 



Tracy Ellington, Customer Relations Manager

Tracy joined Waste Away Systems in August of 2013. Tracy has extensive experience in customer relations and maintains Waste Away Systems professional, high level of service our clients have come to expect. Tracy is John Young’s daughter (Seth’s mother) and has been around the waste industry since the original Waste Away was established in 1976. Tracy has also owned and operated a Christian bookstore for several years as well working, with Newark High School students in the A Call to College program based at NHS.