Waste Away Systems Satisfies All of Your Storage Needs

Waste Away Systems offers secured mini storage located at 1000 Keller Drive, Heath, OH. This location is known as Waste Away Systems Properties (WAS-Properties). WAS-Properties and related companies share a long history of offering dependable customer service to our clients and we are excited to continue to do such as we move into the future.
Our pricing:
Outside Storage       $40 per month / per space
10 X 10 Unit             $60 per month / per unit
10 X 20 Unit             $75 per month / per unit 
To learn more about our storage area and storage units please call 740-349-2783 or stop by the WAS Main Office, located at 995 Keller Drive, Heath, OH.
Office hours are 8:30AM - 5:00PM. Monday-Friday.